Shelter for homeless animals, Moscow

They say that the attitude towards the aged and children shows our society’s civilization degree, but also the attutude towards the animals and especially homeless animals.Here we’ll talk about dogs.

The problem of stray dogs is very vexed not only in Moscow but throughout Russia. Everyday we meet in streets homeless animals but nobody needs them! But this is the man who has responsibility for the fact that the dog doesn’t have home and owner. As a result packs of hungry ,ill and miserable dogs roam in our cities and breed without control. The State tries to resolve this problem in some or other way, but in most towns of our country these dogs are barbarously killed ,often right in front of children’ eyes. In some cities the authorities bankroll shelters,sterilization, food, medecines and treatment, however the animals themselves get this assistance on rare occasions.There are state,for-profit and private shelters. Certainly the most hard lodging conditions are in state shelters, there they keep dogs definite time ( some short period), then, if a new owner is not found, the dog is euthanatized. In Russia dogs’ euthanasia has nothing to do with humanity , they die in horrible tortures, motionless but realizing everything and suffering awful pain.

Every dog found itself in a shelter in a different way : some of them used to live at home but were thrown out on the street for the reason of their masters’ death or due to some other reasons incomprehensible for dogs but also for us ( delivery of a child, allergy,relatives have something against etc);good people felt sorry for a stray dog and brought it to a shelter ,thinking that they do an act of kindness…; the others were born and lived half of their life in the street. There are various dogs there:pretty and not really, young and older, but they all are endlessly grateful for any interest towards them, still having a hope to meet a person who will adopt and love them. They want to LIVE! Dogs are not guilty in anything but they are condemned by the russian official to agonizing death…

Our site has united the group of enthusiasts which try to help these poor animals.Spending forces,time,money ,these people do a lot for help and rescue of the dogs from shelters. But in spite of all our efforts it’s a drop in the ocean. We can’t help fighting against the system but we are able to save at least some of these animals.
Our aim is to appeal as more people as possible to this problem. So, how can YOU help?

Any help is welcome.

  1. You can take one of the dogs home (it is necessary to test it on infections. Some dogs are vet-checked, others are not). We will help you with advice and recommendations.
  2. Not physically able to adopt a dog, but willing to make a difference in its life? You can choose a dog and become its guardian. What does it mean? Search of a place of living for this animal, removal of it, assay of analysis, medical treatment of infections in case there are some, help with your money and the attraction of money from other people, subsequent adoption. All the time you will not be alone. One dog can have several guardians.
  3. You can render money assistance to a selected dog and help it regularly. It will help to get a guardian to take part in this animal, who is ready to deal with the dog but has problems with cash.
  4. You can support these animals financially and your money will be taken for a dog that is in need most of all. Besides the most part of the money goes to make advertising:
    • Advertisement in newspapers(the most proficient method)
    • Commercial on particularized sites(raising of advertisement with the help of SMS)
  5. Place the reference to our site on your resources, in subscription on forum (if it is not prohibited by rules), in your blog and so on. The more people know about us-the more lives we can save.

We always need:


  • dry food
  • canned food
  • food for puppies (especial deficiency in animal refuges)

Veterinary preparations:

  • Drontal
  • Trivitum
  • Suspensio Prazicidi(for dogs and puppies)
  • remedies for treatment dogs and cages from fleas and louses

Medical preparations:

  • Dioxydinum
  • Etamsylatum
  • Laevomecolum
  • medical syringes

Household equipment:

  • medical gloves for examination
  • working gloves
  • rubber gloves
  • plastic bags(thick)-120 litres
  • cloth bags
  • rags (old clothes)
  • litters (not on sheet wadding)

Any other things:

  • sawdust
  • hay

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